Fish Oil

Omega Treats


120 Soft Chews - Salmon Flavor

Our Omega Treats contain healthy fats that balance your dog's diet as well as aid in reducing hair shedding, providing healthy skin and a shiny coat, and treating dry and itchy skin. Omega 3-6-9 may help reducing inflammation in dogs, strengthen their immune system, prevent wound infections, and speed up healing. EPA and DHA help in fighting arthritis, alleviating joint pain, and improving mobility. Improve cognitive function in older dogs and promote neurological and eye development in puppies with Omega-3. It's also known to decrease the risk of heart problems by lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.

Promotes shiny coat and reduces shedding

Reduces dryness and relieves itchiness for healthy skin

Decreases inflammation and increases mobility

Provides immune support

Improves cognitive function in older dogs

Prevents skin allergies and supports wound healing

Lowers blood pressure and fights heart disease

Made with natural ingredients

No corn, sugar, wheat, artificial flavors or colors, or GMOs

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